McAbee Fossil Beds

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The McAbee Fossil Beds

Cache Creek, British Columbia

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Eohiodon Rosei Fish Fossil

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Comptonia columbiana

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We are now closed for the season. Or more precisely, we are closed for good! We thank everyone who visited this past season and the years before that.. Enjoy the winter. Stay safe and warm. We are closed for good! Government have announced the designation of our site and 10 other exposures of the same material are to be placed under the Heritage Conservation Act. The press release happened February 25, 2012 Please also keep in mind that you can not trespass onto the site during this conversion.

Our aplogies to all those people who were looking forward to paying us a visit this upcoming summer.

Here is a link to the local Kamloops Television Station's coverage on the announcement: CFCJTV

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Click to watch the Shaw TV feature on our site and what will not be available anymore:

Dig prices: not in effect as no tours can or will happen in 2012.

Please note that we only accept cash. Groups can pay by organisational cheque if requested beforehand.

Children (5-14 yrs)  
Family (2 adults and children 14 and under)  

Educational price:

*K-12 School groups

1 adult per 10 students  


Please note that each person will be limited to 1 bag per person.
Bags are provided.
This limit is to address the scientific community and government's concerns regarding extending the viability of the natural resource.

GST is included in the above price.
All prices in Canadian dollars
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The McAbee Fossil Beds are made up of shallow lake sediments which were laid down approximately 50.2 million years ago (Eocene age). Over 50 plant varieties have been found, including over 55 Broadleaves and 20 Conifer species. Sassafras, katsura and both Ginkgo varieties are also present. Countless insect species can be found such as tiny flies, wasps, leafhoppers, etc. The fish Eohiodon (Mooneye), cones, flowers and even a few feathers also can be found.

The McAbee Fossil Beds are both fun and educational. Imagine digging through millions of year-old fossils. Each time you discover a fossil, you might be finding something new about history. Each year, significant finds are discovered at McAbee which tell us more and more about the history of living things on Earth.

The guided day tours provide visitors the unique opportunity to find their own fossils. Visitors have access to approximately a 400 yard long outcropping of 50.2 million year old lake sediment.

The McAbee Fossil Beds are accessible from May - October. Bus tours are welcome. Please go to our digs page for more information.

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